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Internal Hard Drive Recovery

3’5, 2’5

The Hard Disk Data Recovery Services provided by Data-X @ City Hall are second to none..


USB Flash Drive

USB, SD, Flash Drives

Flash memory is found in many different devices that we all use every day…

Solid State Data Recovery

SSD, Solid State

SSD Drives are a faster, more reliable alternative to traditional spinning platter storage devices


File & Database Repair

Excel, MySQL, MS SQL

A common problem affecting data is corruption. This means you can see the file are database but can an error when trying to use or open them..

At Data-X Recovery, we provide data recovery services that can help you when things go bad at the worst possible moment. However, this type of data recovery is only possible if you are using a trusted data recovery service. There are plenty of data recovery services, albeit, “fly-by-night” companies that make promises that they can’t keep – Ultimately, the eventual outcome was a pure disaster.

Are you considering hiring professional and reliable data recovery services of a company that is able to recover your data from your Western digital hard drive? Do you know that not hiring a professional company has some adverse effects that you may not want to experience? Laptop Recovery for data is a process that is sophisticated which requires experienced hands. This simply means that there is little or no room for mistakes to be made as this could really cost you a lot.

The major aim of this post is to have you exposed to some of those effects or consequences of not using a professional company that is into the field of External Hard Drive Recovery. Discovering these effects will only ensure that you are careful whenever choosing a company that will handle your Laptop Recovery for data process.

Permanent loss of data is one thing that you do not want to experience. It can be a real nightmare. You are always prone to experiencing the problem of permanent loss of your data whenever you hire the wrong company. You do not want to leave your precious data in the hands of a company that is not experienced enough as you never know if something may go wrong.

If you do not wish for your precious data to be lost permanently, send your damaged external hard disks to us today for the best chance of recovery.