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Data Recovery Singapore

Know The Various Types of Data Loss

We have finally reached a stage where imagining a life without a laptop or computer seems absurd and even wrapping your head through the idea seems difficult. Now, in this scenario, one thing that most of us dread is data loss due to various reasons. And just for this single reason, the various hard drive data recovery companies exist. Many times, whenever an individual faces data loss, he tries the different DIY methods to retrieve the data that sometimes turn into the final nail in the coffin. This is because data loss can happen due to various different reasons and there are specific ways to retrieve the lost data that depends on the reason for data loss.

Whenever you face such a crisis, rather than opening up the whole system, it is better to take the assistance of data recovery services. These companies have a team of professionals that know inside out of data loss and data recovery process. Moreover, they also know the various reasons due to which you are facing the issues. Want to know about these reasons that put your valuable data on the stake? Then, keep on reading.

1. Physical Damage                               

Physical damage is one of the most obvious reasons for data loss. The various storage mediums such as CDs and hard disks are quite sensitive to external factors such as fingerprints and dust particles. Apart from this, fire and flood can also damage the platters of any hard drive and only a professional can recover the lost data.

2.Failed Operating System

Whenever the laptop or computer crashes, one thing that everybody prays is for the failure of the operating system rather than a failed hard drive. When the operating system crashes, the data is securely saved on the hard drive and the only problem you face is in inaccessibility. Moreover, the chances of data recovery are quite high in the case of failed OS.


Viruses are one of the most common causes of data loss these days. Not only computers and technology are becoming advanced, but so are viruses. They can quickly spread in the whole system, making the files either inaccessible or damaging them completely. That is why the experts often advise not to download and open dubious files.

With that being said, the above-mentioned points are some of the major reasons for data loss. Other than these, logical damage or accidental deletion of files can also cause data loss and may force you to take the help of hard drive data recovery companies for data retrieval.