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External Hard Drive Data Recovery

A Quintessential Guide to Recover Data From Permanently Damaged Hard Drive

Spare hard drives are becoming essential computer accessory these days; external hard drives are becoming the most sought after storage devices that can easily store a huge amount of data. Though the number of people using hard drives is increasing, still very few individuals recognize the gravity of the fact that when they store data in such external drives, it becomes vulnerable towards data corruption or data loss and you might have to take the assistance of external hard drive data recovery services in Singapore. And when we are talking about hard drives, they aren’t just an external hard drive, but also includes internal hard drives of PCs and laptops. There are various malfunctions that can happen to the hard drive. There are instances when your laptop is working fine at a moment and would stop working altogether the very next. There is no access to the files, no boot-up, practically ‘Nothing’. And it can immediately evoke the sense of dread and panic immediately. This concern is about the safety of the data.

So, now the main question arises: what should be done in such cases. If one day, you find yourself in such kind of situation, what should be the accurate modus operandi? Well, for starters, you can scream out in frustration, but that’s not going to solve anything. That’s why we are going to discuss a few things that you can try before running to the service center for help. But, before anything else, you need to understand the basic mechanism behind the hard drive failure. Usually, most of the cases of hard drive failures are due to two reasons:

  • Mechanical Failure
  • Logical Failure

Mechanical Failure: When there is any physical damage to the hard drive, it is considered as mechanical failure. It can happen due to the usage of the drive for a long duration, dropping the hard drive or mishandling the drive. Usually, magnetic hard drives are more susceptible to such kind of failure.

Logical Failure: If compared with mechanical failure, logical failure is good news. Usually, during logical failure, there is something wrong with the software. This happens due to sudden power surges, interruption at the time of data transfer and sudden shutting off the system.

What Should Be Done Immediately In Such Conditions?

Whenever the data is inaccessible or the hard drive crashes, or it is accidentally formatted or the file is deleted, the data simply doesn’t disappear. It is still on the drive till there is something else overwritten on the segments. So, as soon as the hard drive crashes, simply stop working on the laptop or system. Even if you are not working on the data, your system might be working and ready to overwrite the data. It is always advised to shut down the system and take the drive to hard drive data recovery center. Though there is a number of software that might help you to retrieve the data, it is always beneficial to take the assistance of the professionals. And if there is some kind of hardware damage, then it isn’t worthy to take the risk when your valuable data is at the stake. So, don’t waste any time and bring the damaged hard drive to the experts of Data-X.