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Hard Drive Disk Recovery

Symptoms of Hard Drive Failure


Hard drive failure begins long before you get the unmistakable dramatic signs such as a computer that just won’t turn on at all, or perhaps even more horrifyingly, the Blue Screen of Doom.  At Data-X, the team of resourceful technicians can help you recover files from faulty hard drives, even hard drives that are in the direst of conditions, but we can recover your data more quickly, easily, and thoroughly, if you bring your computer to us when you start to see the early signs of trouble.  These are some warning signs to look for that indicate that your hard drive is having trouble:

  •  Frequent hard drive crashes – everyone’s computer freezes or crashes sometimes, especially if it has been in use for a long time without being restarted, but when if your hard drive crashes often, especially when you open applications, then it might be in danger of losing your files.
  • Error messages – occasional error messages are not a problem, but if you start to see inexplicable error messages when you try to move files or open them, then it is a good idea to bring your computer to Data-X to recover your files.
  • File name dysfunction – Faulty hard drives sometimes mix up the names of your files or save files under the wrong names.  Data-X can help you locate your mislabeled files.
  • Slow opening of files – Operating more slowly than normal is a sure sign of a faulty hard drive.  When your computer is slow to access websites, the problem could be with the Internet connection, but if it is slow to open files that are saved on your hard drive, then it is a job for Data-X.
  • Disappearing files – If files disappear from your hard drive, do not despair.  Just bring your computer to Data-X.