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How To Recover Deleted Files From USB Flash Drive?

USB Pen Drive Recovery

How To Recover Deleted Files From USB Flash Drive?

Day to day we are exceeding our limits to store data in a portable device, but at the same time, the storage device is getting contracted in their structure. Technologies evolution has made this thing possible that with the help of USB ports you can store any of the data in small devices. The invention of USB flash drive, in itself, is a masterpiece that helps the people to make use of the highly portable device for storage. Due to their small size and structure, it entirely becomes magical to store data for the more extended period and carry them along with themselves.

But, apart from such reliability, there are few drawbacks that put the question on the usage of USB flash drives. Some of the issues that have been discussed that most commonly occurs with your USB flash drives. And, while seeking flash recovery in Singapore, you can get reliable assistance from the profession.



Many a time for profit and in the manner that customer buys the thing, again and again, manufacturers use inferior quality products. Such that these products get damage in quick time, risking your crucial data.

Accidental Reformatting– Accidental reformatting can occur mistakenly, and that is equivalent to losing all the data.

Virus And Malware Infection– If your computer or laptop does not have a firewall or any protection from virus and malware, then there are increased chances of your thumb drive being affected by the virus which may cause a total or partial loss of data and files.

Other causes– The other cause which can eliminate all the stored files in your thumb drive include system crash, no power supply, power failure, broken or damaged circuit, software crash, boot failure and more.


For all these cases of data deletion or loss, you can seek reliable Flash memory recovery in Singapore. With the advantage of advanced technologies, professional experts have developed skills in recent years to provide satisfactory recovery services. Here are few steps followed by them to recover deleted files from USB flash drive:

The general trend has been that the user does not back up the USB drive data else keeping backup is the best ways to get back all lost data. Thus, in this case, it is better than you must seek help from professional experts. They have specific tools and software to help you in the best manner time of recovery.

Data recovery software available in the market is capable of recovering data lost due to accidental deletion or virus attack. But, still do not try on your own if it’s your first time as overwriting can erase your complete data and you can never be able to recover again.

Yes, you can watch YouTube videos and check out steps on Google that help you to provide CMD command to get back your lost data.

With well said, you can follow the stated points to recover your deleted files from USB flash drives.

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