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Recovering Data From a Broken Thumb Drive – Possible?

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Recovering Data From a Broken Thumb Drive – Possible?

Sometimes, the most unexpected thing happens when you are least prepared.

Like, for instance, having a stranger bump into you while you are carrying your laptop WITH an attached thumb drive to it and then that poor flimsy thing –to your biggest horror- breaks.

In that moment, all you could hear was gasps of breath from the people standing close to you, following which you could hear the sound of your heart breaking into a million tiny pieces as you slowly picked up the badly bent or broken thumb drive…

Broken thumb drive image from @dataxrecoverysingapore

A broken thumb drive

“Oh… my… gosh… what just happened there????” is all you could think of while in a panic state of mind.

While it may sound a little too exaggerating for some (I mean, how can it break just like that?), believe it or not, it is actually one of the most common stories we hear from our clients. More often than not, such accidents are inevitable (well, gravity is to blame too… partly) and instead of getting caught up with the blaming game, the next best thing you can do is to seek help for data recovery from damaged thumb drive.

We always advise our clients to refrain from taking matters into their own hands and to seek professional data recovery services when their thumb drives are not detectable on their laptop. It could either be a Software or Hardware issue and if you were to download the free basic online software recovery tool at times it could reduce the chances of recovery later on due to possible corruption of data by the software.

To ensure the highest chance of recovering your data from your damaged thumb drives, we advise the following steps:


Do not plug your thumb drive into the usb port several times in an attempt to get the laptop to detect the thumb drive as this may cause further damage.

If it is not detectable on the first and second try, high chances your thumb drive is damaged and using brute force to try to get it to be detectable on the computer may just make things worse.


Refrain from using those free basic online software data recovery tools, as in some cases if they are unable to recover your data these tools may end up corrupting your data instead.


Send your damaged thumb drive to us at Data-X Recovery for a free diagnostic to see if there is a possibility of recovering your data

Our diagnostic service is free of charge, with no cancellation fees involved if you decide to not proceed with the recovery afterward.

If you are concerned about the issue of privacy and confidentiality of your data in your storage devices, here at Data-X Recovery we ensure 100% confidentiality of your personal data. Our clients’ interests are our top priority, which is why we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) form to assure them that their personal data is in safe hands and will not be disclosed or abused in any way.

If you experience issues with your thumb drive or any other storage devices, send it to us for a free diagnostic.
No Recovery, No Charges policy applies for all.

Reach out to us at +65 98232527 or email us at [email protected] today!

Yours truly,
Data-X Recovery Team

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