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Repair Corrupted Internal Hard Disk and Recover Data

Repair Corrupted Internal Hard Disk and Recover Data

Hard Disk is a primary storage device of a laptop or desktop. When you are working with your device, accessing an external drive or making extensive use of the internet might affect your device with a virus. There are chances that the laptop or desktop catches bad sectors in hard disk and might get spoiled. The first precaution which you can take to avoid such a situation is to run a virus scan regularly in your system and to keep track of the working of the system activities.

But for a hard disk failure, there can be a software or hardware issue. Sometimes the poor hardware quality and poorly managed system operations can be the reason. Whatever is the reason, if the internal hard disk has stopped functioning and you are not able to operate the system, you need to take it to a service centre for repair. Look for the online service such as Datax or visit our store in Singapore for a quick repair and data recovery.


Before you replace your system’s hard disk or get it repaired, you must be looking for the data recovery from the corrupted hard drive. Our data recovery services are well known in Singapore. We provide data recovery of all types of hard disks. But before you take any action to get your device repaired, find the answer to the following questions:

Does the data recovery possible from the corrupted Internal Hard Disk?
What are the possibilities to recover data from a Corrupted Internal Hard Disk?
Are you able to trace the actual fault?
Buy a licensed antivirus to protect your system

Once you get the answers to all these questions, you should act accordingly. In more than 95% case, the data recovery can be made. The third-party software is available in the market which is capable of recovering data from all types of hard disks.

Data recovery services offer a reliable mechanism to salvage data out of the corrupt hard disk. The data recovery service can be crucial on your own, and you need to take the device to a service centre.



A standard error was occurring due to various reasons. One of the primary reasons for this error can be an inadequate power supply or fluctuating power supply to the disk. The insufficient power supply can cause difficulty in spinning up. A small vibration or a sound can be felt on one side of the drive.

In such a case, make sure that the cables are correctly connected to the motherboard and all the other internal cable connections are working fine. A Faulty cable with bent/ misaligned pins, broken wires can cause inappropriate power to the drive. In such cases, you are unable to detect the errors in disk management. It might be a signal that the lifespan of the disc is crossed, you need to seek alternatives or purchase new hard drives to replace the old one.

The BIOS is unable to detect ATA / SATA hard drive
See if you’ve performed any of the options below:

If you haven’t enabled the Drive into BIOS
The Serial ATA controller drivers require proper installation
Incorrect jumper settings for the SATA drive
If any of the above condition does not fit in your case, your journey may have turned faulty. If the device stops accessing BOIS, this Is the right time to seek professional help.



If you are not able to detect external hard drive in windows explorer interface or Disk Management, then this could happen due to a minor issue with the cable. This is easy to resolve. Other causes are internal equipment of the hard drive, improper partitioning on the disk, damaged file system, faulty USB ports, device drivers and so on. For different issues, different solutions are available.

In such a case, avoid opening the hard drive case or freezing it in the freezer in the hope of making it usable again. This way, you might end up spoiling the hard disk completely.



Sometimes a pop up asking to format the drive starts popping up. This is high time to take the data backup. In case of severe corruption issues or sometimes, damaged file system, this pop up appears. Though, you can still try by updating drivers and formatting the drive to restore.

Windows Disk Management tool can be used to format the drive by creating a partition. You can even fix other file system related issues. After partitioning the drive, assign it with a different drive letter before using it again.

Still, disk management won’t recognize the hard drive? The drive is probably dead then.

This may happen due to hardware failure of the drive or bad sectors. Also, check the master boot record (MBR) status. If that is corrupted, the device can suddenly stop working. Sadly, the drive has gone through mechanical failure and utterly dead, you need to take it for repair to a service centre.

Are you looking for ways for data recovery from corrupted hard drive? The high-quality data recovery services are available at Datax in Singapore. You can seek immediate help from the experts!!