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The Need for Emergency Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery

The Need for Emergency Data Recovery Services

If you have ever experienced the feeling of losing the files on your computer, even if it was just a false alarm, that you already know the importance of emergency recovery services.  If you grew up in the 1980s or 1990s, you might be nostalgic for the days when you looked awesome in your tiger-striped parachute pants or your Dr. Martens, but I am sure you don’t miss staring in horror at the demagnetized floppy disk that once contained the novel you had been working on for months.  Luckily, it is much easier now to recover seemingly lost data from computer hard drives and USB drives, the much more durable descendants of floppy disks.  Data-X is your reputable source for recovering computer data.



Yes, reputable. When you hear about data recovery, the first image that comes to mind might be of bad guys digging through people’s digital trash in order to use it for nefarious purposes, like identity theft or hacking.  But that is not what we are about here at all.  In fact, we are so upfront, that the Data-X data recovery team is proud to attach his real name to our emergency data recovery business.  The sole mission of our business is to help you recover your lost computer files and data so that you can continue with your projects and be certain that your personal files are safe.


Computers come in all shapes and sizes these days, but one thing they all have in common is that each one has a hard drive, and hard drive data recovery works in very much the same way, whether we are dealing with a laptop computer, a desktop computer, or even an entire server.  Our technicians are well versed in all the major operating systems, including Apple Mac, Windows, Unix, and Linux.  We have the knowledge and the software to revive your hard drive and its data, no matter what befalls it, whether it is that fateful moment when your finger gets a mind of its own and clicks to delete an important file or whether the problem is the result of an idiopathic computer crash.  Clicking or whirring noises coming from your computer can be a warning sign for a hard drive crash, so give us a call before things get worse if you hear your computer making those noises.
Other frequent causes of data loss include power surges, such as might happen during a lightning storm, even if you have a surge protector; if your computer starts acting up after a power surge, we can help you recover your lost data and files.  We can even help with data recovery from the hard drives of computers that have suffered physical damage, such as by being dropped, and computers that have been damaged by fire or water.  In other words, we can help you recover the data from your hard drive in almost any situation.

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