USB Pen Drive

Flash memory is found in many different devices that we all use every day. The issues surrounding the recovery from these devices increases in difficultly as manufacturers make their Flash Memory cheaper, faster and with bigger capacities.

Flash Memory is found in many devices.

  • Digital Cameras – SD, Compact Flash, XD, Memory Stick, Plus Many More
  • Digital Camcorders – SD, Compact Flash, Memory Stick, SxS, Plus Many More
  • Mobile Telephones – iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Device, Smart Phone
  • Mobile Storage – USB Pen Drive

At Data-X @ City Hall we have the ability to recover your precious data from many different scenarios. We are one of the few labs in the Singapore that can remove your storage chip and recover your data when your Flash Memory has completely failed.

There are many ways your Flash Memory can fail.

  • Physical – Bent, Snapped or Damaged Connectors
  • Logical – Deleted Data or Formatted Flash Memory
  • Electronic – Power Surges, Device Not Recognised

Bad Luck – Just Stopped Working, Dropped In Toilet, Chewed By a Dog, etc

It is so important that you contact us so we can help diagnose the best and cheapest way forward. If you try to recover the data yourself you may cause further damage depending on the issue, which is why it is important you contact us as early as possible.

We provide outstanding customer support and continually update you as to the current status of your recovery.

Data-X Recovery Expert recovers almost all type of lost data whether it is from damage External and Internal hard disk or solid-state drive. We provide recovery services and solutions for all types of storage like USB Flash drive, Raid Server Data of seagate HDD,  Toshiba HDD and other brands.

We are not a reseller; you will talk to the technician who is performing your recovery!

“Would not be able to run our business efficiently without all our data – saved our business thank you !! ”

Kim Houghton – Access Solutions